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double sessions & farmers markets

well, i think this may be the sore-est i have been since we started crossfit! monday's wod really set the tone for the week... INTENSE!! 

we always check online when we wake up to see what the workout is, and when i saw this, i didn't think it was horrible.... oh man. so wrong!!

as soon as we got to the box and saw a few people just finishing it up looking like they were suffering, i got SO nervous! i immediately thought about scaling the weight, but one of the {amazing} coaches was basically like "don't even think about it!!!!!" the pressure!!! 

we had a 20 minute time cap, and i basically figured that i wouldn't finish, but as long as i was Rx-ing it, that would be ok with me. well, somehow i ended up Rx-ing it, NOT puking {really came close}, not dying, and finishing in 19:03!!!! i was pretty happy with that! my favorite parts were the snatches and push ups, least favorite were the four 400 meter runs.... ick!

i was very happy after that wod, and it was pretty nice to not have to wipe myself down and get dressed for school immediately after it! instead, i got to spend the day at my friend's house floating in her lovely pool! 

today was front squat day. i got to 190# and asked my coach to kind of spot me, or at least pretend like he was, because mentally, that helps me out! here's a little video of that!

i ended up going back to the box at 11 to meet up with another athlete who i am partnering up with to compete in a crossfit competition in august!!! ya, i can't believe i am doing it either. when my coach first asked me {more like told me, or aggressively asked me :)} i was thinking there was no way i would do it. buttttt, after thinking about it, reading about it, training more, etc etc, i am actually really excited! we're doing the Rx version {yikes} as partners {yay}, so i think it will be really fun, challenging, and just a great overall experience! today was the first day we did a little training together and figured out what we need to work on the most. getting the kipping pull ups is a huge must for me, so i did some work on that. see the hand blisters...

after tomorrow's wod, we are going to work on more... looks like i'm doing double sessions for the next few weeks!! i mean, life is pretty nice when all you have on your agenda for the day is crossfit and going to the farmers' market, right!?!

my mom and i headed to the farmers' market when i finished up at crossfit, and it was pretty great, definitely a new part of my tuesday routine!! the fresh pressed juice i got was amazing and i feel a summer obsession coming on. also, i am adding a juicer to our registry as soon as i am done writing this!

how cute is the "buy local" lilly bag my mom bought for me? making a statement at the farmers' market haha!

how cute is the "buy local" lilly bag my mom bought for me? making a statement at the farmers' market haha!

i got a bunch of delicious fruits and vegetables that will feed us for the rest of the week, and hopefully through next tuesday! now that i know what types of things they have there, i will be able to make next week's meal plan over the weekend and just wait until tuesday to get the vegetables we will be needing. this week, i only planned monday's dinner because i didn't know what i would be working with vegetable-wise after going to the farmers' market, so it kind of messed with our meal planning system! now we are good to go!

and here's a picture of me and rubes relaxing earlier today, just because :)

i hope your week is off to a great start!!!

crazy days

off to a great start