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deep-down love

yesterday afternoon, i stopped by my parents to pick some of the peonies that had bloomed. these are not just any peonies, these are my vovo's peonies. when she passed away two years ago, my parents took some of the rhizomes from her garden and planted them in their front yard. each year now, when they bloom, it's like having a little piece of her back. 

my parents still have more of the rhizomes stored in their basement, but i want to wait until we move so i can plant some and have them for a long time to come.

last night, my dad came over and we grilled a delicious, refreshing dinner on the deck. we had a mix of grilled chicken, chicken sausage with tomato and basil, roasted asparagus and broccoli, and a red pepper, avocado, mango salad. 

it was the perfect meal to fuel this morning's wod...

the burpees were your "rest" from deadlifts! i almost finished 10 complete rounds in the 12 minutes, but i was 3 burpees short. 

after 100 deadlifts, my legs are feeling it. but it feels good, actually! can't wait for tomorrow, which is how i know i really truly deep-down love crossfit!

this afternoon, i came home and finished making this pallet sign for a customer... it's like an inside-out version of my original best seller! i kind of love it!


now it's time to start making dinner,,, pretty excited about this week's meal plan!

have a great night!

taking it up a notch!

thursday and the weekend!