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thursday and the weekend!

i kind of love push presses. on thursday morning,  i {and my awesome coach} pushed myself and upped the weight a bit from what was technically prescribed... so so glad i did. i feel like i am getting way stronger and just more comfortable with the way things run at crossfit. 

then the kettlebell wod was crazy like always and involved 30 double unders {which i can't do yet, so i had to do triple jumpropes}, 20 kettlebell cleans, then 10 kettlebell push ups, 4 ROUNDS in under 10 minutes. I got through 3 complete rounds and did the 90 jumpropes and 15 cleans. couldn't fit in those last cleans and push ups...

thursday night, we ditched our salmon plan and went out to eat with one of mike's best friends who was in town. friday, my class had a field trip to the CT Science Center, which was really fun, but so exhausting. i think it was exactly what i needed to realize that i actually am ready for summer vacation haha!

friday night, we went over to our friends' house for some grilling and hanging with them and their adorable two month old baby girl, LILY! my friend made me this super cute and thoughtful gift, which i LOVE. i just love its simplicity and how clean it looks, and of course, it is so meaningful to us. i shall be keeping it forever and ever. 

poor mike had to work saturday, so i headed to the beach. watch hill is one of our favorite beach destinations, so of course i wore my new lilly "watch out" beach pants for the occasion. well, as soon as i walked into the lilly boutique before heading to the beach, the girls who work there were loving my pants and took my picture for their instagram account... i felt kind of famous!

it was a perfect beach day {the only thing missing was mike} and i decided that i am definitely ready for summer. 

when i got home, we headed out to enjoy the gorgeous night and all i wanted was to sit on a patio and relax. so that's what we did. 

this morning, we got up and headed out for a little 3.5 mile run. mike's becoming slightly bootcamp-ish {thanks to crossfit i think} and kept yelling at me the whole time, telling me to push it and making me sprint at the end and whatnot. we finished in 30 minutes, but i may have created a monster!!!

today, so far, has been filled with yard stuff and catch up. mike did the lawn before going to work, and i planted a bunch of stuff to brighten this place up. i am so proud of how my flowers came out after wandering around the garden center for an hour trying to pick the perfect plants to put together! 

now it's time to meal plan for the week and go to the grocery store! hope you're having a lovely weekend, i will probably be back later on tonight with another little post <3

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