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deadlifts & some random updates

hi guys! i am glad that i finally decided to share this little blog with you! after writing for a few weeks and having mike be my sole reader, i decided i should just suck it up and share it with some more people. i hope you enjoy reading it!

this morning started off with some romanian deadlifts...



i took the percentages from my 1RM of my deadlift {225#} and here's what i ended up doing...

then we did a lovely kettle bell wod, which always kill me. this one was more ab/core/shoulders focused and it burned.

and now for some random updates...

i managed to pick off 87% of my gel polish today at school, which left me feeling like a crazy person who needed to hide her hands. i never pick my polish, so i don't know what was up with me, but i got in trouble at the nail salon when i stopped there after school. the little man was very upset with me. i couldn't decide what color to get, so i went super neutral which is something i really never do. i got OPI's "coney island cotton candy" and think it looks so pretty and feels very refreshing!

last night, we put down our new living room rug. today when i got home, it was already a mess. i really want to know what these dogs do all day while we are at work... there was dirt and hair everywhere. i immediately vacuumed like a crazy person and furminated both dogs as much as i could. i filled an entire 5 gallon bucket with fur and definitely could have kept doing it! i'm glad these pups are enjoying the new rug, but i can tell it's going to be a constant battle over here...

mike updated our chalkboard door and wedding countdown this time. less than 7 months now!!! this door is probably my favorite part of this little house.

time to go grill before the thunderstorms come! have a great night!



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