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off to a great start

well, this summer is off to a great start! my last day of school was thursday, and we have been crazy busy since then with all kinds of different, fun things!

thursday night, we just ended up going out to eat {on a patio} and relaxing because we were so exhausted... and we knew friday morning was another "girl".

when i woke up at 5am and saw that it was "fran", i got pretty intimidated. fran is the girl benchmark workout, and i had read and heard a lot about it, so i think that all just made me feel like it was a big deal. 

so for people who don't know the crossfit lingo, this was 21 thrusters with 65 pounds, 21 pull ups, then 15 thrusters, 15 pull ups, and finally 9 thrusters and 9 pull ups. the thrusters were fine for me, and i used the female bar {33#}  plus two fifteen pound plates, so that really was 63#, but still considered Rx weight. the pull ups slowed me down, but i am working on getting the kipping pull ups, so hopefully within the next few weeks, stupid pull ups will not be killing my times/energy as much!!

next time i will Rx fran!

after our workout, mike and i got ready for our big day at fenway for the zac brown concert! i swear mike had been more excited for this than anything ever {hopefully his excitement for our wedding will surpass it, though!} zac brown is our favorite and we make sure to see him every summer. mike got us seats on the field at fenway, and it was just an amazing day and experience all around. it was extremely cool to look behind you and look up and see all the people in the stands and the fenway park sign- SO. MUCH. FUN.

my handsome fiance at cask n flagon

my handsome fiance at cask n flagon

me at cask n flagon

me at cask n flagon

on saturday, mike had to work, so i headed to crossfit for some olympic lifting and worked on snatches, snatches, snatches! more to come on that soon ;) it was the 9 year anniversary of navy lieutenant michael murphy's death and he and all of those who were killed were being honored in the most amazing, moving way at our box. i watched the first heat and just was blown away by how the whole tribute was run and the strength in the community that i am so happy and proud to now be a part of.

this is what my coach posted:

needless to say, even though i didn't "do" murph on saturday, just being there and watching everyone who was participating left me feeling completely humbled. amazing.

i went home with and spent a half an hour working on my double unders... i'm starting to get them! here i got three good ones in a row... i'm on a mission. 

then it was wedding time!!! mike and i went to celebrate the wedding of two of my awesome friends who i met when i was getting my CAGS at AIC. i was so happy to celebrate their beautiful day!

me and my handsome date in the gorgeous garden at smith college.

me and my handsome date in the gorgeous garden at smith college.

today was a complete and total day of rest for us... but not for the dogs! this morning, we took them to breakfast with us and then for a swim, which is their all time favorite thing! we met another black lab and a really pretty golden retriever and the four dogs had fun playing and swimming with each other for awhile. the dogs were all very color coordinated and it was so cute!

i hope you all had a great weekend! 

double sessions & farmers markets

this week's wods {so far}