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this week's wods {so far}

happy thursday! happy last day of school for me! i am ready for a fun, happy summer- which will all begin in about 6 hours!

i have still been feeling kind of sick this week- not bad, but not totally back to myself after last week. but, my workouts have been pretty good still!

monday was "cindy" at the box, and i am still sore from it three days later. 



i finished 11 rounds and 3 pull ups in the 20 minutes... i realllllly need to work on kipping pull ups, but considering i wasn't doing them for cindy, i am pretty happy with how i did!

tuesday was romanian deadlifts 5x1, and i was starting to feel really sore from monday, but pushed on through. i pulled 215, but kind of lost my grip, so i didn't totally lock out. i ended up going back down to 205 and standing up and locking out completely, which was better. the mobility wod after the deadlifts definitely felt good on my super sore self!

this morning was push press 5x1 and a 20 minute mobility wod {sooo necessary} i got 130... allllmost got 135, which i totally should be able to do considering my 3 rep max was 125! just doing one push press seems harder for some reason... probably because you don't have the chance to get into a rhythm? 

tomorrow is another girl benchmark, so i can't wait to see what is in store for us in the morning! 

this is something i found that really helps my mindset these days:

it's good to be scared... it's ok to work until failure... pushing yourself to your limits feels so much better than taking it easy. 

that's all.

off to a great start

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