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womp womp weekend

between getting pretty sick at the end of the week and mike having to work both days this weekend, i had a pretty womp womp low key couple of days. 

friday night, mike came home from golfing all day and was looking forward to going out to eat, but i was really not feeling it. so instead, we got takeout and went to bed at 8:30! it was a good thing actually because mike was starting to not feel well, but i think sleeping a lot saved him from getting my full blown illness!

vodka soda waters and lots of sleep are my top 2 cures, i swear! 

and sometimes, looking like this on a friday night isn't the worst...

by saturday, i felt A LOT better, but still not 100%, so i did a little shopping and a whole lot of wedding/shower/engagement pictures planning! by the time mike got home, i WAS ready for a nice dinner out, so we went to typical- our favorite! of course, i made sure to celebrate national wear your lilly day!

today i am definitely all better and did a bunch of prep for the week ahead... and it's a big one! we have 3 1/2 days left of school, so i want them to be fun and memorable for the kids. on friday, we played a couple of "minute to win it" games that were hilarious and the kids had THE BEST time, so i got the things we needed to play three more fun ones!

on thursday afternoon, mike & i will go celebrate the end of an awesome school year for me on some patio somewhere {it's kind of a tradition}. on friday, we are going to fenway for the zac brown concert!!!!!! which is pretty much the best kickoff to summer EVER, i seriously cannot wait! and then on saturday, we have a wedding that will be lots of fun! so many fun things ahead, and that's not even including all the fun wods we will fit in between now & then! the timing of my sickness actually couldn't have been better, so i am thankful for that!

hope you all had a great weekend!

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