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let's talk about foooood

as you've probably noticed, we are kind of big planners around here, especially when it comes to food! the whole entire week goes so much more smoothly {and healthily} when you have a plan and you have all of the things you need to make your plan work. 

here's our meal plan for this week {well, half of a week really since we have so many special events towards the end of it!}

these little chicken and spinach muffins are so good and perfect for a snack or as part of your lunch- and they're extremely easy to make!

i am an onion and garlic lover, so i use a lot of each in the mix for these muffins {1/2 large yellow onion and 5 large cloves of garlic}. all you do is mix a pound of ground chicken with as much yellow onion and chopped up garlic as you want, along with however much frozen spinach you like. i add some salt and a lot of pepper, mix it all up by hand and scoop it out into a muffin tin. then, just bake them at 350 for about 25 minutes, or longer if you like them crispy. i usually make 8 muffins per pound of chicken, so each one has about 100 calories and is super packed with protein! so easy, so healthy, so delicious! thought i would share!!

this is one of mike's favorite chopped side salads... also super easy and healthy.

all it is is one avocado, 1 red pepper, 1 mango, splash of olive oil, and salt & pepper. this serves the two of us, but if you don't eat as much as we do, it could serve more ;)

here is the breakfast i made for us on sunday morning. pepper & egg scramble with fresh fruit. i used 5 eggs total, mike probably had 3, and i had two. no milk or anything added... so good. this easy meal is another staple for us.

and no meal is complete without something refreshing to drink {and a pretty napkin}. this is just blueberry seltzer with lemon slices, one of my favorite combinations!

have a great monday!

this week's wods {so far}

womp womp weekend