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monday morning

mike and i started our monday off right...

this morning's wod didn't seem toooo bad when we checked it at home {i love squats and thought 95# for me sounded "easy"}.... rule #1, nothing is easy at crossfit! my legs were like jello, but the burpees were the worst part for me, might have almost puked after it. i finished in 9:16 Rx.

i was way proud of mike because he is new to all the squatting and lifting, but he Rx-ed it and totally pushed himself through those squats! 

this morning, when i walked into school, i grabbed my mail and saw the june newsletters and my june lunch count and got really sad. i know this probably sounds crazy, but i don't really want this school year to end!! i love love love my class and it has been just an amazing year all around. i definitely am excited for summer and the beach and all of the fun stuff we have coming up, but i would like to just continue this year in september please :)

speaking of school stuff, i am obsessed with these file folders and they may be the only ones i will ever use ever.


deadlifts & some random updates

hello, june