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hi guys! mike and i had a pretty fun weekend and this week is off to a great start!! on friday night, we took mike's dad out to dinner at via in worcester, which was really nice. if you ever go, you have to get the fig and prosciutto pizza as an appetizer... so so delicious. poor mike cannot open his eyes ever when there is a flash involved...

love him, though!

sunday was a beach day for us. it was so gorgeous out, mike had the day off, and it was just perfect. 

the one and only little sand dollar on the beach!

the one and only little sand dollar on the beach!

i got a tiny bit of color ;)  NOW it feels like summer!

when we got back, we went over to my parents' house to celebrate father's day. this five pound lobster was gigantic! 


the dogs had a lot of fun begging for a few hours! they were super cute sharing a nice long drink, though!

this morning, it was back to the box with a great wod...

i'd never done rope climbs before, but the cleans and burpees sounded good {well, cleans sounded good, burpees, ick!} i wanted to at least do a really good job with what i knew, so i used the 95# for the cleans, and pushed through the burpees. for the rope climb, i scaled it so i climbed the rope just from laying on the floor up to standing on top of the box, and then climbed my way back down to the floor... still way hard after all those pretty heavy cleans!! my forearms and grip were smoked!!! i finished the three rounds in just over 10 minutes, which i thought was pretty good!

and just because i am obsessed with these adorable wod toys and the pictures the company posts...

hope your week is off to a happy start!!

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