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runaway bear

yup, i was scared for a reason! today's wod was a tough one for a couple of reasons...

tough part #1: choosing my weight. i didn't want to die, but i didn't want to go too light either, and this wod was such high volume, that i really wasn't sure what i would be able to handle. so i decided to do 53#, which was the female bar and two tens. i probably could have handled another 10 or so pounds ok, but i'm ok with what i did. the actually lifting of the weight was not the hard part at all. 

tough part #2: counting reps! keeping track of the 5 rounds was fine, i tallied after each run, but keeping track of 7 reps of the complex per round was really hard. at first, i was working behind two other athletes, and having them in view was completely messing me up. i probably ended up doing a bunch more reps than i needed to in that first round. i am not the most coordinated person!! so after the first round, i ended up moving my bar so i faced the big empty space of the box and i was much more focused. that helped me so much it was amazing, actually! i kind of just stared at the chalkboard straight ahead of me and each rep, i counted 1, 1, 1, 1, 1... 2, 2, 2, 2, 2... 3, 3, 3, 3, 3... all the way to 7. then i went for the run.

i finished the 5 rounds in 18:41. it's so funny because after most met-cons, i want to have a chance to try them again. next time, i would probably go up a little in weight, face the chalkboard and get my counting down right away. maybe someday i'll do it for fun? or if we do get a bar and some bumper plates at home {i reallllly want to!} i will try it there!

today was one of the days i really wished there was a shower at the box! there's not. even a hose would've been good!! that's alright, i managed to cool off, clean up, and look mostly presentable!

have an awesome day!!!


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