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taking it up a notch!

hi guys! happy thursday! 

this week has actually been flying by, which is very strange for the end of the school year!! the days have been filled with all kinds of fun "wrap-up" activities, and i have more planned for next week that i will definitely share some pictures of because it is bound to be hilarious!!! the nights have been spent binge watching orange is the new black, so that might be passing some time, too...

crossfit and waiting for the next wod make time pass more quickly as well! tuesdays and thursdays are strength days at crossfit, and this week it was front squats and romanian deadlifts...

tuesday's front squats were awesome and made me feel like i am definitely getting stronger. my old front squat 1 rep max was 175#, but my coach wants me to use 195# to get my percentages now... woah. i can't wait until we get to the end of this strength cycle so i can really see where my 1RMs are now!

here's what i did tuesday, and felt awesome:

front squat june 10

most of the time, the pictures i take after i workout are terrible because i am so shaky, sooo i apologize for that! 

mike was having major wod envy on wednesday {usually a rest day for us} and really wanted to go do a wicked hard metcon, but i kind of reminded him that he could barely walk. we are taking it up a notch and switching to the "full-time" membership, but probably will go monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday each week. i may start going on some saturdays for the olympic lifting stuff, but it really depends on how sore and tired i am. the last thing i want to do is burn out, so recovery and rest are super important! but i am excited that we are upping our wodding a bit!

this morning, we did romanian deadlifts, 5 sets of 3. we don't really know my 1 rep max for romanians, so my coach helped me figure out what weights to try out. we ended up jumping a lot after the first couple of sets because they looked too easy. 

rdl june 12

i did get a little preview of tomorrow's wod and i am scared already... 

see you tomorrow!

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