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two weeks from right this minute

Two weeks from right this minute, we will be headed to St. John. I cannot wait for so many reasons. Obviously, the #1 reason is that I get to marry the most amazing guy on earth!! I cannot wait for that, but I am extremely excited for the days we will be there leading up to the wedding. Not to be a downer, but the last 4 months have pretty much been hell to me. I've never been more stressed/miserable in my life, which really sucks at a time I thought would be the most exciting/happiest!!! {NONE of it has to do with the wedding or my personal life, don't worry!!}

I know that the second we step off the plane, the peacefulness, relaxation, and happiness that was once my life, will return to me. This picture reminds me of that feeling. Reason #2 why I can't wait.

photo by our amazing photographer, greer rivera <3

photo by our amazing photographer, greer rivera <3

On Christmas Day, our families and some friends will be arriving on the island, and we are so lucky to have these people in our lives. I can't wait to spend time with them in my favorite place on earth. Reason #3.

Just writing this makes me feel a little better. 

And reason #4 is because....


coming together

thank god for pretty dresses