oly i want to do

Saturday morning, I woke up ready for some yoga and Oly! I knew clean & jerks were scheduled, but I didn't know how much I would go up to- I figured a "moderate load" sounded good. My wrist is so much better, but not 100%, and it definitely bothers me more on c&j's than on snatches. My lifting partner and I shared a platform and we ended up going pretty heavy... I guess we were just in the mood. We had 9 pulls, and it got up to a 158# clean & jerk and then a 163# clean {which I WILL jerk next time!} I've lifted 158# two weeks ago, but it was definitely easier and prettier this time! My 163# clean is my max for now and it felt a lot easier this week! Progress, progress! 

Here is my 158# clean & jerk... 

and here is my 163# clean and fail on the jerk....

That night, Mike and I went to my parents' house to celebrate "Mini Christmas" with my nieces and nephew. We sent letters to Santa up the chimney, the kids opened presents, and we played with their new toys and games. That is the extent of our Christmas this year, and I kind of love it!! SOOO ready to go relax on the most beautiful island ever and get married!!!!!

Sunday was filled with some last minute errands and stuff around the house! I am just always exhausted now, so Ruby and I rested for a little bit...


Mike and I tried to go through some of the questions our wedding officiant sent along, but I realized it was not in my best interest!!


The answers are something like Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, haha. I actually do all of the laundry and cook some of the time and clean some of the time, so I think it ends up being pretty equally balanced ;)

This morning I was exhausted still after my third night in a row of not great sleep!! Way too much running through my brain these days! Anyways, we woke up and saw that the WOD was "Annie", one of the Benchmark Girls! I'd never done it, but Mike did back when we just started. I was excited to do another one of "The Girls"! 


I thought the double unders would be the worst part for me, but mine were actually really good! In the first set of 50, I got 48 unbroken- definitely a record for me! The tough/slow part was the sit ups, and it was kind of a boring/tedious WOD. It also wasn't fun feeling what the sit ups were doing to my poor, poor bum :( OW! I finished in 8:19 Rx and I think that's pretty good for my first try!! We are bringing our jump ropes to St. John to use in our "travel WODs", so we may just have to try Annie again {poolside, and only if my butt heals!}


After school, I had to grab a couple of juices. I'm telling you, these juices make me feel so much better! I've had a headache since Saturday, and as soon as I drank my green juice, my head went back to normal! 


After my juice and a shower, I went back for my Oly skill work and worked on clean and jerks, clean pulls, and scarecrow cleans!! My traps and shoulders are feeling prettttty fiery right now! 

Have a good night!!!ย