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Hero Week

When your fiancé's bachelor party and your Crossfit competition fall on the same day, you get flowers. 


I will be writing a competition recap, but not yet! One of my coaches took a bunch of pictures, so I am waiting to see those {and steal some of them}, as well as put together my thoughts about everything a bit better before I do a whole post. For now, I can describe my experience/how I feel about the whole thing in a few quick and mysterious words: humbling, educational {I know where I want to go from here}, and empowering.

For now, let's talk about today and the fact that it is HERO WEEK at my Box. My Box is owned, managed, operated, coached, programmed by coaches who are in the military. So obviously, it is an extremely military based operation and I love love love being part of that. Today is the Marine Corps birthday, tomorrow is Veterans Day, and this week, we honor all of that. 

This morning, insanely broken down and beat up from Saturday's competition, I went and did the Hero WOD "Desforges". 



I always love the athlete briefings our coaches give before Hero WODs. They are not taken lightly around here, they are not for "time" or to show off, they are truly to suffer and think about the person or people you are suffering for the entire time. Sgt Joshua Desforges was from Ludlow, which is the next town over, so this one I felt was extra special. 


I did it Rx and it took me 51 minutes. The pull ups made me cringe in pain every single time. 51 minutes of pain and suffering, bleeding and wanting to cry. Nothing at all compared to what Desforges went through.



My coach and I both had shirts with Heroes listed on the back... I think I will wear it each day this week.

I spent my lunch popping blisters with a tack and I am truly afraid to go take a shower... I'm not complaining though! Proud to be part of this.


Hope you have a great night <3


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