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how i cured my cold/flu/sinus infection in less than 24 hours

Hi guys! I feel like I have a lot to tell you today! 

Monday morning's WOD was a real good one! I wasn't feeling very well {more on that later in this post!} but I managed to do pretty well! My wall balls and cleans were on point, but I definitely didn't go as fast as I could have... For the chest to bar pull ups, I mainly only did one or two at a time and just chipped away at it to finish. It was almost like the wall balls were the warm up, the cleans were my main focus, and the chest to bar pull ups were your ticket out!


I finished in 12:52 Rx and felt great.


This morning, we did Push Press 5x3-- last time for 5x5, I did 115#, so I was hoping today that my new projected 1 rep max {145} would still work! As I was calculating and writing my numbers down, they seemed high and heavy, and I wasn't feeling so sure. But I did it!! I can't believe I threw 130# over my head three times in a row with no real problem/struggle! I am going to have Mike video it next time :)


Then, we had a pretty crazy Kettle Bell WOD that I did not even come close to finishing!! I almost got 3 rounds {just 7 push ups short!} Buttttt, I did do the double unders, and getting those done was kind of my main focus on this one! It was TOUGH.


I feel like single under jump roping is always more like the "rest" during a tough workout. Now that I'm doing double unders, that is no longer the story and they require a ton of energy for me at this point. So between the Russian swings and double unders today, I took a few seconds to catch my breath and mentally prepare to get the double unders done {and fix my hair because my hair got stuck in my jump rope twice and I had to stop to fix it!!!} I am real proud to have that "Rx" next to my rounds today!


Ok, so now I am going to tell you about how I cured my cold/flu/sinus infection in less than 24 hours. Last Monday, Mike came down with a bad cold and was pretty sick until Thursday. All of the kids in my class cough, sneeze, and pretty much spit all over the place every day. I am around germs ALL OF THE TIME. I have a pretty good immune system, but I can always tell when I am most likely to get sick:

-when I am in the cold for a long time

-when I do not sleep enough/well

-whenever is least convenient!!!! 

All last week, I Lysol-ed everything in the house, Mike kissed me on the forehead, and I was careful to wash our sheets, my hands, keep my toothbrush away from his, and all the other things germophobes like myself do all day long!

Friday night, I felt fine. I was really tired, but that is very normal for me on Fridays. On Saturday morning, I felt fine. I was really sore, so I went to the Box and  just rolled and did some mobility work. Then I left there and went to do some shopping in West Harrford. On my way home, I started to feel my throat burning. I am so paranoid about illnesses that I knew exactly what was happening- I was getting sick!!! Just in time for the week in which I have no para at school {she is off for awhile because her daughter had a baby!!} and the week of my CrossFit competition!!!! I need to be at school, at the gym, and on top of my game!!!! Well, I'll tell you right now, it is Tuesday and I am not sick. And I wasn't sick yesterday either! Here is how I cured myself/stopped myself from getting full blown sick in one day! 


2:00pm: Started feeling sick on my way home from shopping {burning throat and mucus in back of my nose that I could suck in and spit out- SORRY SO GRAPHIC!!!}

4:00pm: Took Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and acetominaphin 

4:30pm: Took a hot shower

5:00pm Drank 32ounces of water mixed with an Emergen-C while drying my hair

6:00pm: Mike came home and I told him I didn't feel well and didn't want to go anywhere, so he got a pizza and we relaxed all night long {love him} 

7:00pm: Had my famous vodka and orange juice "Illness Killer" drink


8:00pm: Took two NyQuil pills and went to bed with a very sore throat/neck/head and gross stuff I was spitting out :(

 ***this is the part that I think really cured me! 

8:30pm: I went to bed {and it was the night we turned the clocks back an hour} and slept for 14 hours!!!!!!!!! Fourteen hours. Yep! Mike thought I was dead. 

I woke up worried that I was going to feel terrible, but actually didn't feel bad at all! All day Sunday, I rested, drank Emergen-C, took my vitamins, and was SO MUCH better! 

If I hadn't slept for those 14 hours and rested all day Sunday, I am sure I would be sick right now. Thank goodness I am not, even though I didn't feel 100% during Monday's tough WOD, I definitely wasn't "sick". So that's the story of how I cured myself real quick! Hopefully you can do the same is you feel yourself coming down with something- I hate nothing more than being sick. Well, maybe I take that back ;)  

i caved

lazy, rainy saturday night