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all is right & getting to know me

My favorite juice bar is back open after undergoing a major remodel and all is right in my life again! I seriously had many days where I would have killed for my favorite "green giant" juice. So yesterday afternoon, I went and stocked up on a few favorites to get me through last night and today. Aren't they just so beautiful!?!


This morning's WOD was a benchmark girl: Isabel. 30 snatches. The last time we did Isabel, it was in July, and I used 73# and finished in 4:53. Today, I did it Rx {95#} and finished in 7:19. I am not bothered by my time, I am happy to have an Rx benchmark to go off of next time! I was not going fast through each rep, I was trying to focus on keeping good form and getting under the bar, which I did. So I am happy with that!

***edited to add that I am now back at the Box for Barbell Club and my coach let me do Isabel again since I've been resting all day! I finished in 4:29 RX!!!! Holy shit! Faster than July and wayyyy faster than this morning- guess i just needed to try it this morning and then go ham on it tonight! 


There is no school today {YAY!!!} so I stayed at the Box for awhile and did some overhead squats etc. I came home and had this delicious breakfast and dreamed of every day being like this <3


A bunch of bloggers I read have been doing this "4 Facts Survey"... Nobody tagged me in it, but I decided it would be fun anyways, except I cut it down to 3 facts to share a bit about myself with you!

3 names people call me:

  • linds
  • lindsay linds
  • miss chipman


3 jobs I've had: 

  • tanning salon
  • at a gym
  • babysitter


3 movies I've watched more than once: 

  • the lucky one
  • dont tell mom the babysitter's dead
  • silver linings playbook


3 books I'd recommend: 

  • learning to breathe fire by j.c. herz
  • anything by elin hilderbrand
  • the 5 love languages by gary chapman


3 places I've lived: 

  • durham, new hampshire {college}
  • glasgow, scotland {study abroad}
  • boston, ma {college round 2!}


3 places I've visited: 

  • rome
  • australia
  • paris


3 places I'd rather be right now: 

  • on an island- any {hot} island
  • at CrossFit Journey :) 
  • on the couch with my dogs & mike


3 things I prefer not to eat: 

  • desserts of all kinds
  • canned tuna {never had it!}
  • fast food or chain restaurant food {I'm a food/restaurant snob!!}


3 of my favorite foods: 

  • meatballs
  • pineapple
  • spicy turkey taco meat


3 TV shows I watch: 

  • how to get away with murder
  • revenge
  • modern family


3 things I'm looking forward to this year: 

  • being married
  • competing as a USAW athlete
  • spending lots of time at my parents' new beach house! 


3 things I'm always saying: 

  • "love you moreeee" 
  • "what's the WOD??" 
  • "what's for dinner?"  & "can we go eat now?"


What about you!?! I'd love to hear three things about you in the comments!


11/8/14 competition