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doing hard things

Happy Monday! It actually is a happy Monday because tomorrow is my Friday! THANK. THE. LORD.

I love this picture that LiveSore posted- so so so true, and this morning was a bit of proof!


When I woke up and saw the WOD, I saw one skill I just learned and am not amazing at {double unders}, one skill I didn't have {rope climbs}' and one thing I hate that was put there just to make the other two skills harder. I wasn't upset about it, I honestly just went into it thinking that this would be a "learning WOD". That's a good Monday morning attitude if you ask me!


Up until today, I have scaled the rope climbs and just climbed from laying on the ground up to standing on a box. It's always felt so so easy and deep down I knew it was ridiculous for me to be doing it, but I have a serious fear of the rope because of the height and letting go at the top to tap the ceiling, and then coming down. But today I knew I had to do it. I put on my long socks and walked into the Box on a mission. My coach had already been planning the same mission for me too :)

This time, he put tape 3/4 of the way up the rope and that was my goal to get to... A much better scale at this point! I climbed it a little differently each time, trying to figure out which foot placement/method worked best. I definitely wasn't awesome at it, but I am so happy I did something that seemed impossible, especially during a shoulder burning WOD! My double unders were pretty awesome, and at this point, I can say I've really truly got 'em. I think I am going to practice them again on Wednesday after the regular WOD since there is no schooooooooool!!! I am just a little excited to have no school for a few days.


So it was a good morning and I learned that just doing hard things is really good for you. Now, double unders are coming off my list of fears/dreads. I am 3/4 of the way closer to doing real rope climbs. And life is good.

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