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catching up

Hi guys! I have a bunch to catch you up on {it's been a crazy crazy week} so I am sorry I have been MIA! 

WEDNESDAY: "Death By Front Squat"

When I woke up and saw that the WOD was "Death by Front Squat", I was pretty excited {despite the fact that my quads were rocked from Tuesday's kettlebell WOD in which I did 220 air squats!!!}

If you don't know what a "Death By..." workout is, every minute, you perform that number of reps of whatever it is you're doing. So in minute 1, you do 1 rep, minute 2, two reps, etc, until you can no longer complete the reps in the minute. Up until about minute 8, things usually go pretty well, but then your rest time gets shorter and shorter and the lactic acid realllly starts building up! This one had a 15 minute time-cap, and the Rx weight for men was 135#, and for women, it was 95#. I ended up doing 13 rounds, then 9 more reps {5 short of 14 rounds}. NOT BAD!!! 


Later that night, I went back for Barbell Club, and we worked on shoulder stability and all kinds of shoulder/overhead squat positioning. I could barely feel my legs.

THURSDAY: Push Press 5x5

On Thursday morning, we did Push Press 5x5, so I worked off my 145# projected 1 rep max and went up to 115x5. It felt good and like I could've done more, but I was having a rough morning mentally, so I just stuck with the numbers I calculated. Then, the kettlebell WOD was a serious shoulder crushing session:



Friday morning was a fun team or partner relay workout. Each partner had to complete a 30 calorie row, 30 bar facing burpees, and 30 hang cleans, then the other partner could go, finish all that, and so on. 

The row and burpees got you nice and tired for the cleans! I used the Rx 95# for the cleans and did five at a time the whole time to keep a good steady pace an good form. I finished in 7 something minutes I think and then my partner started. It was pretty fun :)



On Saturday morning, I headed to yoga at the Box and was feeling pretty strong and not sore {I think my body got used to being crippled after the competition and Hero Week!} Feeling good, I was excited for Oly since most Saturdays for the past two months or so have been focused on comp prep. 12x1 snatches were on the menu, so I was excited to try and find my 1 rep max or something close to it. The last time I did this was back in July, and I have learned a whole lot since then thanks to my amazing weightlifting coach. I ended up getting 113# nicely, and I got under 118# twice and had it stable overhead, but my legs/feet were just not feeling right and I couldn't stand with it :( Usually, getting up out of a squat is the easy part for me, so I know I will get it next time! I have some big goals in terms of Oly, so I'm glad I know where I stand right now. If you want to see the video of my 113# snatch, check out my Instagram @liftinginlilly !!

Then I headed out to Boston for my bachelorette weekend like every girl out there... covered in chalk, sweat, and wearing my lifters haha!


See you tomorrow!!


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