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11/8/14 competition

I have been waiting to post this in hope that the people who ran the competition would post more pictures, but I am tired of waiting!! Sorry for the delay!

Two weekends ago, the competition I was in was a real tough one that definitely taught me a lot and made me think about a lot of things. It was very different than the one I did in the summer because there are were way less teams competing and the Rx Women's division this time only had four teams competing! I had high hopes/expectations for this comp, so when I saw the other 3 teams we were competing against, I quickly realized that my expectations were a bit too high, which was kind of discouraging. 

WOD #1: 10 min time cap

3 Rep Max Front Squat

I ended up squatting 175# x 3, which I was happy about. Between nerves and the time limit, I was happy with my number.

WOD #2: 12 min AMRAP

10-20-30-40-50 Wall Balls & Pull Ups

This WOD was so hard and mentally it sucked because of the increasing rep scheme. I felt pretty strong and good up until the set of 30's, then it got really tough. We finished up to the 50 wall balls and then got 25 pull ups. 


WOD #3: 14 min AMRAP

2000 meter row

30 Power Cleans 115#

Max Effort Burpees Over the Rower

My partner, Kim, and I split the row into four 500's, which was a good plan. Our transitions were quick and it kept our quads from being completely smoked for the rest of the WOD. When she was on the last 500 meters, I headed over to the platform to get ready to start the cleans. {Sidenote: Our judge here was THE NICEST person on this planet, I am pretty sure! She was so encouraging, and an amazing cheerleader, coaching us along throughout the WOD!}


Once we finished the cleans, we had to do as many burpees over the rower as possible until the 14 minutes was up. I can't remember how many we got now, but I think 40 something?!


Congrats to the two scaled teams from my Box who won 2nd and 3rd places! After the comp, I went and had a long talk with my coach about the next steps for me in terms of my goals and competitions, and what we can take from this experience. To be continued :)

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