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the end of hero week

Hi guys! Happy Saturday! Yesterday was the last Hero WOD of this year's Hero Week at our Box... "McGhee"... A 30 minute AMRAP of 5 deadlifts, 13 push ups, and 9 box jumps. 30 minutes to give everything you have in you to honor this 21 year old hero.

*date was really 14 November 14 :)

*date was really 14 November 14 :)

I definitely pushed myself using the 195# Rx weight, and doing a total of 70 of them in the 30 minutes! The push ups were so hard after the second round, too, but I fought through the pain and kept really good form.


Mike and I were so exhausted yesterday that we went to our favorite restaurant at 4:40 {it wasn't even open yet!!!} and ordered at exactly 5:00. We were  in bed at 8:05. Completely shot from the week!

This morning, I woke up so sore- mostly in my shoulders, lats, triceps and butt! The push-ups and deadlifts are definitely to blame {thank?} 

I made breakfast, did some laundry, and headed to yoga at the box to aide in my recovery! 




It felt good, but today and tomorrow will be completely focused on recovering and repairing this torn up body!! Lots of water, supplements, rest, fresh air, and some walks are on the menu!

i hope you have a great weekend!!  

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