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two days = lots of wods!

Yesterday morning was Low Bar Back Squat day {still not a fan! but it makes me stronger!!!!} the first set of 3 at 205#, I only got 2--- something was off and I could get up on the third one. But then I fixed my head and got it for 3 the next time, so I was happy with that!


Afterwards, we did a pretty killer KB WOD:

-5 minute Snatch Test {as many KB snatches as you can in 5 minutes without putting it down} I did 109

-1 minute rest

-5 minutes to do as many burpees as you could- I did 60

-my total score was 169


After school, I headed back for the EWOD and did this:


My times for all 200 meter runs were about 39-41 seconds. My two 1000 meter runs were 4:54 and 4:58... Not terrible even though I wanted to die. And I could have because I almost got hit by a car! Like really really close. I was running fast past the driveway entrance and someone was flying out of the parking lot not even looking at all {and never slowed down, I just ran right out of their way and squealed like a piglet!!} Scary!!

This morning's workout was a quick one...


I can't do muscle ups, so I scaled that with 3 chest to bar pull ups. I came real cse to getting 4 complete rounds, but was 35 meters short on the row! 


This afternoon I had to take Ruby back to the vet {her least favorite place on earth} for her Lyme booster. She knew exactly where we were going and made quite the scene once again!


And I just got back from Barbell Club and about to devour this delicious dinner while watching "Selfie" {surprisingly cute/good!} and Modern Family! Hope you have a great night!



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