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collage happy

I got a little collage happy with this post, but I thought it was a good way to capture the weekend!

Friday night, we went to our fave restaurant and I figured out my new favorite meal that isn't even a meal... The meatballs. They're gigantic and you get 3 of them as the appetizer, I ate 2 of them and was literally stuffed. They are amazing and I am craving them again already! Then I had a few bites of Mike's dinner and was perfectly happy & full in a good way! We did share a bottle of wine early on, but we stayed for quite awhile (3 hours?) so I had about 6 glasses of water after that! 


Saturday morning was yoga & some competition practice at the Box. When I got home, my new Rx Smart Gear jump rope had already arrived (I just ordered it Thursday morning!) I had to go out and try it out on the deck, but I can't wait to try it tomorrow in the Box where there are no leaves :) the handles are so comfortable to hold and the weight of the rope feels great (my coach suggested I get the "Buff" one since I'm still a beginning double underer)! Once you get really good, you can switch out the rope for a thinner one if you want.


Saturday night, Mike and I went over to my parents to hang with my nieces and nephew and carve some pumpkins! Can you guess which one is mine?  The dogs had a great time begging, like usual ;)


Today was filled with grocery shopping, laundry, resting, and lots of meal prepping for our lunches {eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken, pineapple, veggies}. Only a few hours until a new week begins...

My upcoming CrossFit Competition and this is pretty much all that's on my mind...


before you know it, it's over