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flying by

This week has been flying by because I've been crazy busy! I'm ready for Friday, that's for sure!


I had the day off, but Mike didn't, so we ustill got up and were at the Box by 6. This was when I realized how exhausted I was from everything I did on Saturday. It was rough!!



The WOD did not look too bad, except I knew it would be a lot of pull ups, but I planned on taking it 5 at a time, and even 2 if I had to. And I did, haha! The deadlifts mixed with the pull-ups was just so hard. So hard. The entire 12 minutes were nonstop lung, leg, arm, everything burners!!

i finished 5 rounds + 10 deadlifts + 2 pull-ups. Not terrible, but it was a struggle.


Then I went home and rested all day because I was completely shot. Thank God I had it off!!


The next morning, we had 5x1 Shoulder Press. My old 1 rep max was 85# a few months ago. My new 1 rep max as of Tuesday is 95#. I really really wanted to get 100 because I can get 90x3, but i just couldn't get the bar past my forehead level sticking point. I tried 3 times to get 100#, but it wasn't happening and I was mad. My coach convinced me that 95# is a lot compared to my body weight and strict press is so so hard, so I should be happy. So I listened ;)

That afternoon, I went back for my EWOD, but decided to do it on the rower instead of running. There is a row in one of the workouts in my upcoming competition, so I think spending more time feeling shitty on the rower will be good for me. And holy crap was it terrible! I did 10x400 with 90 sec rest between intervals. I wanted to die. Plus, the rower times your rest and everything, so there was no room for any extra breathing or leg/butt de-burning. 

Here are my first 8 intervals:


The last 2 were 1:37 and 1:39... So hard, but so good. My quads looked insane.


That finally catches us up to today! This morning was another tough one: 



I don't do the real rope climbs, so I climbed up from the ground to standing on the box once again. It feels so easy to me, but the real rope climbs are not my thing yet! The over-the-bell burpees were the worst! There were just so many!!!



Mike did it Rx, though, and he was wrecked!!


Tonight, I went back for Oly and a couple of my friends and I just had to model our Lauren Fisher shirts!! We love her. I consider her my friend now because she commented on my Instagram post!!!!! {@lindsaychipman}



Ok, now it's time for bed and to do it all over again tomorrow!! 

One more picture from this morning ;) Don't mind my scary snatch face!!! And please notice the chalk bucket I kicked over on my first set of burpees! 



Have a great night {& day!!}

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