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three in a row!

it has been a great week of workouts so far!! tuesdays and thursdays are strength days at the box, plus kettle bell wods after the lifts. tuesday was push press 5x3, and i felt great! i even felt like i could've done more weight, but i am still getting used to the way things work at crossfit, so i went with the percentages prescribed...

the kettle bell wod that followed the push presses was SO hard. so so hard.

4 RFT w/ a 10 minute time cap

  • 30 american swings
  • 15 over the bell burpees

i finished 3 rounds and 5 burpees. my shoulders were ON FIRE.

wednesday morning, the metcon was awesome...

  • worst part: wall balls 100%
  • best part: deadlifts {even though my legs were like jello at that point}

i finished in 12:31 and i was so excited to rx a wod!

and then this morning, we were back for some front squats...

i'm still using my old 175# 1RM, so here's what i did:

it felt pretty easy. i was thinking about adding 5 pounds for my last set, but decided to leave it as it was. {kinda wish i added, though}

then, the kettle bell wod. ohhhh, kettle bells. they always kick my butt.

10 min EMOM {every minute on the minute}

  • 15 kb snatches
  • 5 push ups
  • plank until the next minute

it hurt to hold the steering wheel of my car after all those snatches!

that's all for now. i feel really good, really strong, really happy!

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hello, june

making the most of memorial day weekend