happy summer

Happy first day of summer!! Rubes was feeling excited this morning and made her way out into the garage. I wrapped my Jellies be Jammin' scarf around her little neck and she remembered why she doesn't hang out in the garage with us :) She loves me, though.

This morning was all about my hamstrings. My main lifts were six sets of low bar squats from the pins, with varying reps and weights, followed by three sets of ten on deficit snatch grip deadlifts. My posterior chain was/is smokeddddd, which is honestly exactly what I need. I finished up my training, showered, and had folded egg whites with spinach, and a half of a french toast bagel for breakfast. 

School was extra busy today. Note to self: "Board Game Day" in first grade = permanent headache. It was also "Funky Glasses Day" in my room and the kids loved this day the most, I'm pretty sure. It was quite adorable. 

On my prep, I had the other half of my french toast bagel dipped in sugar free syrup, along with a snickerdoodle and almond milk shake (+coffee +powerade zero). 

At lunchtime, I had a peanut butter and Pink Lady apple sandwich on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. Fresh, cold cukes and lemon seltzer were refreshing with the PB+A. 

After school, I stopped at the mall, which is literally a time suck. It also continues to frustrate me as I can find nothing to wear. I found bathing suit bottoms, so I guess there is one thing I can wear this summer. 

For dinner, we had chicken burgers with peppers and onions. I had mine on a Joseph's pita with a kale, spinach, cucumber, and tomato salad on the side. Happy summer!!!

Tomorrow is the last full day of school, which means it is probably the last day for the majority of my students! I kind of can't believe it, but I sure am ready for this nice, long, REAL summer vacation! Have a great night!